PS5 Room

Play Has No Limits.



Our PS5 Room is polarizing!  We offer Sony’s Playstation inlcuding PS5 PLUS!  Enjoy the latest PS5 games on 75″ Smart TV while rocking out in our gaming chairs. Our PS5 is a truly gargantuan piece of machinery and it’s hardwired to a Bell 1G Fibre Op connection.   

PS5 Games

Enjoy the latest PS5 games including Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, God of War, Fortnite, Fall Guys plus many more!  Don’t worry, we’ll be downloading Chel (NHL 2023) and 2K (NBA 2023) as soon as they’re released!

The PS5 is a genuine leap forward for console gaming, offering gorgeous 4K performance, stunningly fast load times and a truly game-changing controller that makes playing games more immersive and tactile than ever.