1. Food or Drinks in our Boardroom & Waiting area ONLY. We like to keep a clean play area, so we ask that you not bring food or beverages into the gaming rooms or rec room. We have a waiting area where food and drink are permitted.

2. No Drugs or Alcohol Permitted. We are a family-friendly environment. While we respect everyone’s rights to do as they please, there is no admittance if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Virtual reality already puts your brain in an altered state.

3. Be Respectful! Please treat our equipment with care. Any deliberate damage caused to Pardy Central games, consoles or equipment may result in the customer being charged the full retail value. All our equipment is expensive and can be damaged if dropped or treated carelessly. If equipment is purposely damaged players will be responsible for their actions.

4. No backpacks, bags, purses, etc. They can be a trip hazard to guests that are playing. We have a designated area where you can put your belongings until you leave. We’re not responsible if any items go missing.

5. No inappropriate behaviour or horseplay. Someone could get injured or equipment could get broken by behaving inappropriately. Anyone that doesn’t follow this rule will be asked to leave. Be smart!

6. No one under 12 years permitted without adult supervision. Some content may not be suitable for young children. We like to speak with an adult about what is appropriate for their child. Also, VR is a very new technology. Most age restrictions from hardware developers are preteen and older, but we leave that up to the individual. We take children 8 year plus with parental/guardian consent.

7. When your time is up, collect your belongings and exit the gaming rooms. Once you have finished playing you can collect your belongings before re-entering the real world.